Hartford, Connecticut-based Permatex has launched a new, innovative packaging design for Fast Orange, its waterless hand cleaner.

Chicago-based Studio One Eleven, a division of Berlin Packaging, designed the new bottle based on research that revealed Fast Orange consumers—mostly mechanics and DIYers—prefer one-handed dispensing while washing their hands.

The design process included extensive engineering and repeated testing to ensure the bottle could be opened and squeezed easily with just one hand, the company said.

Named the Rocker Top bottle, the new 15-ounce, multi-layer HDPE Fast Orange package features scalloped grip detailing on its sides to make it easier for greasy hands to hold. The bottle’s broad, inverted polypropylene cap was designed to provide a stable base. The new design also maintains several classic elements of the brand, including its orange and black color scheme.

The consumer taps the bottle on its bottom corner to open the spout to dispense the product, then taps the same area to close it.

Permatex released a YouTube video to advertise the new packaging, which has become a significant part of the company’s recent marketing efforts, according to Studio One Eleven.

h/t: http://www.packagingeurope.com/Packaging-Europe-News/63976/Berlin-Packaging-Helps-Develop-DiscTop-Closure-for-Permatex.html

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