Recognizing consumer demand for curly hair products, Curly Hair Solutions has renamed its product line and redesigned its packaging for retail.

Curly Hair Solutions said that its flagship product, Curl Keeper, accounted for 80 percent of its product sales at one point. This fact prompted the company to change its name from Curly Hair Solutions to Curl Keeper, according to CEO Steven Torch. The new name will appear on the products in time for its retail debut at Target stores in January 2016.

“Changing the name was a big risk, but getting into Target proves it was the right decision,” Torch said.

The company designed the packaging for retail to compete with other brands sold at Target. The Curl Keeper line retained its cylindrical polyethylene bottle, but replaced flip-top caps on two of the products with trigger sprays. The labels changed from silk-screening to digitally printed foil labels. The new labels feature silver foil accents that shine on some of the hair curl designs. Each product has its own color that allows the hair strands to stand out against a white background. The labels are also waterproof to ensure that they maintain integrity in the shower.


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