Vogue International, WS Packaging Group and Avery Dennison have teamed up to create more sustainable packaging for Vogue’s OGX hair care products. Avery Dennison’s Global MDO film will replace the former OGX label. Vogue expects the new, thinner label to lower the brand’s environmental impacts by 26 to 34 percent, specifically with regard to fossil material, water use, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

According to Avery Dennison, its Global MDO film requires 37 percent less energy to manufacture and produces 40 percent less solid waste, making it more sustainable than conventional labels. The film is a conformable clear labeling material that avoids wrinkles or peeling on many squeezable containers, the company said.

Vogue used Avery’s Greenprint methodology—the company’s lifecycle-based environmental performance assessment tool—to evaluate the sustainability of its products. Vogue spearheaded the labeling initiative in response to the test results, which indicated that a thinner label material would reduce the brand’s environmental impact.

Vogue International Marketing and Product Development Manager Jamie Kontz said:

“Vogue International is committed to reducing our environmental impact and increasing transparency while maintaining our commitment to sustainable practices. We encourage our suppliers and business associates to also make an effort toward practices that are not only commercially sound, but have a positive impact for future generations.”

h/t: http://www.cosmeticsdesign.com/Packaging-Design/Reducing-waste-with-slimmer-labels-for-personal-care

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