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A new report on plastic packaging from Smithers Pira states that Mexico is expected to undergo significant growth in the plastic packaging market over the next four years.

With growth projections estimated at 3.1 percent per year, plastic packaging use in Mexico is continuing on an upward trend. From 2010 to 2012, the Mexican plastic packaging sector increased from 25.1 percent to 27.7 percent of the market share. This growth has been driven primarily by food and beverage products. The use of plastic packaging in health, beauty, and household care products is also on the rise there. According to Canadean, Mexico has become the world’s second largest consumer of PET bottles due to the increase in popularity of soft drinks and bottled water.

It is notable that the growth of plastic packaging in Mexico has been fraught with media coverage of pollution caused by plastic waste and subsequent backlash by some environmental organizations. As a result, the nation’s packaging industry has been spurred to find more sustainable and recycling solutions.


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