A new spring water startup called Green2O has made eco-friendly packaging a priority and introduced a semi-biodegradable bottle. The company founder, Frank DiTucci, said:

“I wanted to create a ‘wonder’ bottle that would not add to the planet’s accumulation of discarded bottles. I explored corn-based plastic bottles, but found them to be expensive, brittle, and not easily degradable or recyclable.”

According to DiTucci, organic material additives accelerate the plastic degradation of Green2O’s 500-mL PET bullet-style bottle. Third-party testing has confirmed that the bottle is 32.7 percent biodegradable within 10 months in stimulated landfill conditions. The additives used meet food content regulations for safety from the Food & Drug Administration and the European Union.

The bottle design also features a recyclable, tamper-resistant Aqua-Lok 26-mm PP cap closure made by Closure Systems International.
Green2O Alkaline Spring Water is now available in select markets in the northeast.

h/t: http://www.packagedesignmag.com/content/green20-makes-a-splash-with-a-bottled-beverage-option-that-s-healthy-for-people-and-the

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