Continuing to innovative in its packaging and marketing efforts, Heineken launched a promotion that leads consumers to an interactive experience installed at its former Amsterdam brewery via GPS-enabled beer packaging. The bottles were placed around the city center on top of pillars that read “Follow me.” Picking up the bottle activated its built-in GPS, and its custom cap lit up and rotated to indicate the route.

According to Myriam Marouli, Heineken Experience Activation & Development, two Heineken Club Bottles were used to maintain the look and feel of the original. The equipment, powered by custom-made electronics from JWT Amsterdam, included GPS technology, a magnetometer, an accelerometer, a stepper motor, high-powered LEDs and vibration motors, which were stored inside a 3D-printed nest inside the bottle.

Marouli said:

“These technologies working together as a whole enabled the bottle to determine where the user was located at any moment and made it possible for it to calculate which way to go. Initially the bottle was in a resting state and when picked up, it woke up and notified the user of its desire to go somewhere. The cap spun, the arrow lit up, and the bottle vibrated to get ready to go on route.”


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