Portable wine product ZIPZ has set a new record on ABC’s “Shark Tank” with a $2.5 million investment deal. The root of ZIPZ’s appeal? Its single-serve, recyclable, and on-the-go packaging. Andrew McMurray, vice President of ZIPZ parent company Zachys Wine and Liquor Inc., said the packaging aims to “become for [the] wine industry what the aluminum can became for the soda industry.”

ZIPZ patented design features a re-sealable screw-top that also works as a coaster for increased portability. 

At 187ml, the glass is priced in-store at $3.99. ZIPZ features 4 different red and white wine varieties that McMurray says would sell for $14-$16 in bottles.

I told the company’s owners they really needed to over deliver on the quality of the wine because people are going to be skeptical with any new packaging,” he said.

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