Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice will start carrying GMO labeling early next year. The Non-GMO Project’s butterfly seal will appear on five Tropicana products in total.

Brand owner PepsiCo has been one of the largest companies to advocate against state-imposed labeling requirements. Rather, it is modeling voluntary relabeling initiatives with this move.

PepsiCo did not need to make any changes to the juice’s ingredients, as genetically engineered oranges do not exist on the market.

Björn Bernemann, vice president and general manager for the Tropicana brand in North America, said:

“Consumers today have a desire for transparency from brands, and that desire is only going to increase. Tropicana Pure Premium is non-GMO, and it always has been. Some consumers, however, are expressing a desire to get beyond what brands are actually telling them, and we felt having external verification would give our consumers assurance.”

According to a Non-GMO Project representative, in the last year a significant number of CPG companies have shown interest in non-GMO labeling.

This year Vermont became the first state to require GMO labeling, and the USDA has developed its own voluntary non-GMO label—the first government-certified label of its kind.


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