German company CCL Decorative Sleeves has created a clever, glow-in-the-dark label design that takes WhiteWater’s brand image to the next level.
The beverage brand’s product consists of spring water, caffeine, and electrolytes and was first released at the Dalt Vila music festival in Ibiza. As intended, the product and its launch, have widely associated it with partying and nightlife. The decision to make the label’s neon blue background feature UV-glow-in-the-dark text and swirled design elements was representative of the image WhiteWater aims to convey.

“We needed to create a pack that reflected the values of our brand and conveyed its 24 hour nature, in particular the change when day turns into night. The glow-in-the-dark effect works fantastically well and creates a great buzz among party-goers,” said Antony Harrison, a WhiteWater developer.


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