Scotland is taking the lead in sustainable packaging.

Recently, Zero Waste Scotland—an environmental activist group supported by the Scottish government and the European Regional Development Fund—announced a £1,000,000 fund was created to encourage companies to come up with solutions that reduce single-use packaging in the country.

Now, shoppers in Glasgow won’t have to worry about buying groceries and throwing out single-use packaging thanks to a new innovative market that promises plastic-free shopping experiences.

Locavore, located on the south end of Glasgow, encourages shoppers to fill their own bottles and containers with food and other items—instead of relying on packaging that gets thrown out immediately after one use. To finance its opening, the market received £100,000 from Zero Waste Scotland,

Each year, Scottish households go through nearly 120,000 tons of plastic packaging. Much of that packaging ends up in landfills.

Scotland hopes to reverse that trend, with Locavore hopefully being one of many businesses to join the cause.

On May 28, Cabinet Secretary for the Environment Roseanna Cunningham shared her thoughts on Locavore.

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“It was fantastic to visit Locavore to launch its new range of packaging-free goods and see for myself how customers can come back again and again for essential items thanks to the use of refillable containers,” Cunningham said.

Reuben Chesters, managing director of Locavore, lauded Zero Waste Scotland’s support and described the public’s positive response to the innovative market.

“Customers love these options, as they’re able to come in and pick up a variety of products and foods without bringing home a pile of useless packaging that would simply have to be binned or possibly recycled,” Chesters said.

Zero Waste Scotland’s work is not done. The organization is seeking new ideas on how businesses can reduce their reliance on single-use packaging. Head over to Zero Waste Scotland for more information.

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