Speakers from GE discussed how packaging software improves OEE—Overall Equipment Effectiveness at the recent PACK EXPO East.

The presentation was led by Barry Lynch, Platform Global Marketing Director of GE Intelligent Platforms. Lynch was joined by Christopher Carlins, Senior Applications Engineer for GE distributor AutomaTech in Plymouth, Mass.

According to Lynch, packaging line OEE hovers around the 40 to 50 percent range, while outstanding OEE can be in the high 80 percent range. He pointed out that many packaging operations still use manually collected data, which is prone to operator error.

By contrast, automated data collection allows the user to view charts and graphs and further analyze where their packaging operation needs improvement, according to Carlins.

Lynch stated that GE’s Proficy® Efficiency software package analyzes equipment effectiveness “based on reasons and details to identify root causes and summarize and analyze data in the context of production events such as by equipment, by product or by personnel (hour, shift, and day) for improvement.”

Lynch shared metrics from one of his European OEE installations. The GE software reported a 39 percent reduction in downtime, 35 percent plant improvement, 5 percent increase in production yields and 30 percent faster new product launches.

h/t: http://www.packworld.com/trends-and-issues/oee-amp-lean-manufacturing/automated-data-collection-boost-packaging-line-oee

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