These days, automation is a buzzword you will hear in a lot of industries.

One of these industries is without a doubt packaging.

When it comes to designing the right packaging for your products, there is a whole chain of people who the label design has to go through before it can be sent to the print, including graphic designers, marketers, copywriters, and packaging project managers.

Not only do you need input from all these different teams, but it has to be done in a timely fashion too — as increasing your speed-to-market is a huge factor when it comes to delivering high-quality packaging at the rate of consumer expectations.

That’s where automation comes in. With the right automation tools and solutions, you can speed up your packaging design process. Let’s break down the future of packaging, as well as some of the best packaging automation solutions.

How Does Automation Affect Packaging?

In it’s most basic terms, automation is using automatic equipment in a system of manufacturing or another production process.

So, for example, using robots to assemble automobiles.

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But, how does automation impact packaging — specifically the software we use for packaging design and management?

The answer: automated workflows.

Workflow automation refers to using automated actions for the steps in your packaging process. Basically, it allows teams to spend more time on their specific duties, and less time on the process that supports them.

For example, one of the main benefits of automated workflows is the ability to streamline communication.

If the graphic designer completes their portion of a package’s design, an automated workflow system will automatically pass the project down the process funnel to the next stop. That way, there is no missed communication or emails between the two team members.

This will also lead to fewer errors and a more efficient process overall.

In the coming years, look for more packaging management software to come forward that incorporates automated workflows.

Industry on the Rise: Food and Beverage

Of all the different sectors to incorporate automation into their packaging, the food and beverage industry seems to be the one most primed for growth.

According to recent reports from Statista, the food and beverage industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3.5% — and more companies are looking to expand their product lines as a result.

For example, there is a massive opportunity for food and beverage companies to capitalize on the growing market demand for natural beverages — as consumers pivot from sodas and other sugary drinks to the Kombuchas of the world. So, as companies like Coca-Cola Company integrate healthier beverages into their product lines, automation technology becomes vital: implementing workflows into their packaging process will allow them to design and gain approvals for their packages faster, giving them a better opportunity to beat the competition to the market.

Best Packaging Solutions With Automation Available Today

Esko WebCenter, is one of the leading packaging management solutions with a full-fledged automated workflow built within it.

WebCenter improves collaboration by streamlining communication and ensuring that designs and marketing romance copy make it to approvals on time while reducing opportunities for error.

This tool also uses workflow integration, which allows you to assign and automate review and approval tasks. WebCenter is great for the teams working on your packaging design, as they can find what they need when they need it instead of sending out various emails looking for specific logos, ingredients lists, images, etc.

Esko Software for Brands

If you’re looking to improve your packaging processes, check out Esko’s integrated portfolio of software solutions for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and life science companies.

Esko solutions are also used by prepress, printers and converters for packaging, labels, displays, and signs. Using Esko’s integrated platform of tools enables all functions in the packaging value chain to collaborate seamlessly.

For more information on how Esko can help your packaging process, visit our website here!

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