Unilever has launched functional packaging to go along with its updated Country Crock recipe. First introduced in 2015, the new buttery spreads contain no artificial preservatives or flavors and contain zero grams trans fat per serving. The packaging leverages the product’s “Real Country Fresh Taste from Real Ingredients” position.

The rectangular PP “Space Saver Tub” replaced Country Crock’s round polypropylene container. Unilever said that the new packaging is re-usable, dishwasher-safe and recyclable.

Unilever designed the new package to be more convenient, while still preserving the heritage of the Country Crock brand, said Benjamin Crook, Marketing Director, Country Crock and Baking, Cooking Spreads Company.

The container sports the brand’s original taupe color and a new six-color, in-mold label with colorful farm imagery. The lid features in-mold labeling.

“We are continuously listening to consumers who are asking more from food brands to deliver products that they can trust and are from fewer, simpler ingredients,” Crook said.

The functional packaging has been applied to the brand’s updated Original, Churn Style, and Light Country Crock recipes. The tub comes in a 15-ounce, 30-ounce and 45-ounce option.

h/t: http://www.packworld.com/package-design/redesign/space-saving-tub-serves-new-country-crock-recipe

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Using Space Saving Packaging Advantageous To Businesses?

The real advantage of making your packaging space-friendly has everything to do with your product and the needs of your customers. If space isn’t a priority to your target customer then it isn’t something you’ll need to prioritize as much. If it is though, reducing your packaging size will meet that need for your customers, hopefully winning you more business.

What Are Practical Ways To Make My Packaging More Functional?

This is very dependant on your product, but we always start by asking where there may be friction in the use of our packaging. What frustrations may our customers be experiencing that we are unaware of? Once you detect potential problems, work to develop realistic and practical solutions that your customers will appreciate.

Should Functional Packaging Be A Priority For Most Businesses?

While functional packaging is always better than non-functional packaging, it doesn’t need to be a priority for every business. The lack of functional packaging will affect some industries far more than others. If there are better aspects of your product to invest in than the packaging, put the money there.

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