Packaging company Westrock—the result of the merger between MWV and RockTenn—has launched FlexFit, a new functional packaging closure. Introduced as the company’s first product, the flip-top closure has a “latch-back” feature designed to keep the cap away from the spout and prevent messes.

Westrock molded the high-density polyethylene closure in one piece to ensure that the cap stays connected to the rest of the package. According to the global company, the dispenser can be used for both food and non-food applications, including beverages, sugar, condiments, soap, detergents, sunscreen and more.

According to Bill Riley, Vice President of Global Innovation, Research & Development and Design at WestRock, consumer mobility and urbanization influenced the creation of FlexFit and other innovations in flexible packaging. “The growing urban population needs solutions that can be refilled and stored in small spaces; and consumers want products that fit into their busy, on-the-go lifestyles. Brand owners are no different,” he said. “They want solutions that cost less, use less material than rigid bottles and can be easily shipped. FlexFit delivers on each of these attributes.”

Controlling product waste remains an important factor in functional packaging design. Nestlé recently commissioned Zeller Plastik to create a custom dispensing closure for its new Coffee-mate 2GO concentrated creamer product. The team specifically designed the flip-top closure to provide mess-free dispensing and a secure closure.


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