French food manufacturer Soulié Restauration of William Saurin has created a new product line called “Shake Me” that features functional packaging.
Shake Me contains microwavable pasta packaged atop a specific sauce. After microwaving, consumers are instructed to shake the package in order to mix the two, waiting until the last moment to preserve the pasta’s texture while evenly dispersing the sauce.

The package is a thermoformed PP/ethylene vinyl alcohol/PP 590-mL multilayer pot from RPC Bebo Plastik. It features a lid that incorporates a bayonet system with two closed positions for pack sealing and reheating as well as 52 small holes to allow steam evacuation during microwaving.
Aimed at the 18-25 year-old demographic, the package is bright orange with a black label that is highlighted by bold, capitalized font and photographic representation of the product.

“The pack provides effective product preservation and protection and, equally important, it projects a youthful quality image in keeping with our target market,” said Maxence Le Brun, product manager at William Saurin.


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