Perhaps the packaging of the future is…no packaging at all? That’s the idea behind Stonyfield’s upcoming collaboration with WikiFoods Inc., Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls. The concept behind the innovative and eco-friendly design draws inspiration from nature’s packaging: think of the protective skins on grapes or apples. Flavors listed on their web site  include banana, coconut, peach, and strawberry casings around chocolate and vanilla yogurts.
“We’re using the rules of nature to wrap food and beverage in,” says Wikifoods founder Professor David Edwards in a promotional video for the frozen yogurt.

“My ultimate obsession was always when you finish eating the yogurt you should eat the cup,” says Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Stonyfield Farm. The obvious imperative being sustainability, Hirshberg also points out the added bonus of convenience. One-handed eating, perfect for both kids and adults on-the-go, is itself one of the pioneering focuses in twenty-first century packaging.

However, the organic fruit skin-encased pearls face a significant obstacle, the same reason you probably haven’t seen them in stores yet: retail spaces, by and large, are not yet equipped to sell such one-of-a-kind products entirely package free. In its present test phase, Boston-area Whole Foods markets have been selling the pearls in pre-packaged cellulose bags since March.

A new package, a carton based on sugar cane cellulose is said to be completely biodegradable and an “interim step” to completely packaging-free offerings from the company according to a recent article in Wired.


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