Cereal companies have discovered flexible packaging’s potential to make products in the cereal market stand out. The shift away from the traditional bag-in-box package is a logical one, reducing unnecessary packaging material and space.

Andrew Streeter, director of the packaging management firm CPS International, says that using flexible packaging for cereal can also offer aesthetic differences that create, “disruption at the point of purchase”.

Major cereal brands like Kellogg have embraced the pouch, a format which Streeter says has a lot of potential. He believes the pouch will translate well to snack packaging.

“For example,” he said, “by putting a gusseted base to the bottom of the pouch simply makes it more friendly—you can put the pouch on the table; it becomes a little bowl in its own right that you can share…hold walking down the street…”

h/t: http://www.bakeryandsnacks.com/Processing-Packaging/Pouch-packaging-in-snacks-and-cereals

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