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Stick Packs —the long, thin containers used to hold everything from sweetener to nuts to yogurt—are enjoying growing popularity in the flexible packaging market. Beyond the food and beverage industry, flexible sticks are gaining usage in the personal care and automotive/industrial markets.

Ram Singhal, vice president of technology and environmental strategy at the Flexible Packaging Association, told Package Printing:

“Innovation is driving every part of the flexible market. Consumers want convenience, and innovation in flexible packaging is delivering on that.”

According to Langen Group, a supplier of secondary packaging and product handling equipment, stick packs seem to be replacing standup pillow pouches worldwide. The group attributes this to stick pouches’ greater cost-efficiency. They use 10 to 40 percent less film per impression than standup pouches. Additionally, stick packs tend to be easier to open, offer hand-held convenience, and appeal to consumers’ desire for controlled dispensing without spillage.


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