Flexible packaging company ProAmpac has announced two new pet food packaging solutions: the PRO-POUCH® and PRO-DURA™ products.

The PRO-POUCH, a non-foil retort pouch, includes a dual purpose retort zipper designed for easy opening and secure closing. The pouch features transparent windows to allow consumers to see the product in the pouch. According to the company, the PRO-POUCH can hold wet and semi-wet pet food products.

The Prolamina-brand PRO-DURA polypropylene bags, on the other hand, hold dry pet food products. The bags now include an optional pinch bottom for billboard branding space. According to ProAmpac, this bottom prevents infestations better than traditionally sewn closures.

Art Bucci, senior vice president of business development for Prolamina, said that legacy company Coating Excellence International “was well known for their large format woven bags in the pet food market; but now that we are ProAmpac’s Prolamina brand, we can offer the market a full range of products like pouches, rollstock and retort. Being able to meet all the flexible packaging needs of pet food manufacturers is truly exciting.”

According to Kevin Young, president of Consumer Goods Packaging, Mondi, North America, more and more companies are adopting flexible packaging because the format allows “eye-popping graphics” on the entire package. In our feature on flexible packaging trends, Young explains that flexible packaging like the ProAmpac pouch and bag provides companies with “more room to tell their stories.” Several pet food companies have begun to use flexible packaging, including Fruitable Pet Food, which recently created a flexible bag with a re-sealable Velcro zipper for its line of BioActive Fresh Mouth pet snacks.

h/t: http://www.brandpackaging.com/articles/85330-proampac-reveals-new-pet-food-packaging-solutions

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