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A new report from Canadean estimates 786 billion units of flexible food packaging to be consumed globally in 2018. Canadean expects flexible packaging to expand its share in the food packaging market, reaching 53.1 percent in the next three years.

According to the report, glass, metal and paper packaging are becoming less popular in favor of flexible food packaging – such as pouches. The report estimates that the global demand for pouches in the food market will grow by about 2.5 billion pack units—a 14.9 percent increase—between 2014 and 2017. The report also expects metal to see the slowest growth in the market.

The report predicts microwavable pouches will replace tinned food products. For example, Campbell’s recent ‘Go Soup’ pouch products target time-conscious Millennials.

Canadean analyst Kirsty Nolan said:

“The outer plastic layers of microwavable pouches are designed to cool quickly while keeping contents hot, allowing consumers to eat straight from the microwave. The flavors were specifically designed to appeal to more adventurous palettes (sic) and the packaging was introduced to compliment the product with a greater volume. The packaging also features a transparent bottom, which allows consumers to assess the contents and its ingredients before purchase.”


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