Mondi has announced that it has seen significant growth in flexible food packaging. Chief Executive Officer David Hathorn said that the South African company is one of the few businesses able to produce the multi-layer barrier material used to make flexible pouches.

According to Hathorn, the pouches require fewer raw materials and are odor-resistant, liquid-resistant and re-sealable. “With 30 percent of food going to waste before it actually gets onto the consumer’s plate, longevity on the shelf is very important,” he said.

Hathorn said that flexible pet food and food packaging tends to fare better than industrial products. “Pets are the last things that get the budget cut,” he said. “But in the human-food market also, people need to eat even if there’s a recession.”

According to Kevin Young, president of Consumer Goods Packaging, Mondi, North America, the flexible format allows “eye-popping graphics” on the entire package. In our feature on flexible packaging, Young explains that this extra advertising space is especially important for food packaging because “…much of the available messaging space on traditional packaging was taken up just trying to get the regulatory labeling on. Now they have the entire package available for talking to the consumer and with graphics of unprecedented quality and appeal.”


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