FIJI Water has given its signature square bottle new shelf impact via a redesign of its front and back labels. Once the front label attracts consumer attention, the back labels – there are six in all – tell the story of the water’s source and its journey to the bottle.

FIJI Water Vice President of Marketing Clarence Chia told PackWorld, “The lightest blue hues mimic the pristine waters of Viti Levu [the largest island in the Republic of Fiji] and the clear rainfall that fills every bottle of FIJI,” says Chia. “The deepening shades of cobalt and sapphire represent the raindrop’s journey from cloud to volcanic rock, where it ends in an ancient artesian aquifer. The signature pink hibiscus flower is greatly amplified, reflecting FIJI Water’s youthful spirit and capturing the essence of ‘untouched’ for premium bottled water consumers.”

The pressure sensitive, polypropylene labels appear on the brand’s 300- and 500-mL and 1- and 1.5-L sizes.

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