When people think about M&M’s traditional brown packaging, they’re usually not reminded of high fashion. But that might change as the longtime shelled chocolate candy is prepping for its 75th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, M&M’s and Danish fashion designer Camilla Staerk will be introducing the M&M’s by Staerk Designer Collection.

Hitting shelves on September 4, the Staerk Designer Collection M&M labels will be available exclusively at Target stores nationwide. Both regular M&M’s and Peanut M&M will feature Steark’s unique creative spin on animal print designs. And you might be surprised by what inspired her for this project. For the milk chocolate M&M’s, she drew from the sculptures of Louise Nevelson. For the Peanut M&M’s she incorporated Mariel Hemmingway’s look from Woody Allen’s film “Manhattan.”

“With all of our collaborations, we seek out partners we know our fans will love and be inspired by” explained Tanya Berman, Director of M&M’s Brand. “We love how Camilla incorporated her signature style to reimagine these special bags of M&M’s.”

No stranger to the chocolate candy, Camilla often has given a ration to stow in her pockets during her family’s annual ski trips. As the days on the French, Australian or Swiss Alps took their physical toll, Camilla and her friends used M&M candies to reenergize. Says Staerk “I have strong reason to believe that M&M’s made me a better skier.”

“The M&M’s collaboration is something completely different for me, and I loved every moment of the process,” said Founder and Creative Director of the Staerk Collection, Camilla Staerk. “I welcomed the chance to apply what I do in fashion to create a strong design story for this exclusive packaging for the brand’s 75th anniversary.”

Along with Camilla Staerk’s M&M designs will be marketing campaign featuring retail displays, packaging and a print advertisement in the September issue of Vogue.

h/t: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/mms-announces-collaboration-with-designer-camilla-staerk-300319246.html

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