Pacific Packaging Components, Inc. (PPC) created a unique packaging design for Drunk Elephant Skin Care’s new Shaba Complex Eye Serum. The California-based packaging distributor designed the new package from stock components that complement Drunk Elephant’s existing product line.

According to Rob Vilencia, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PPC, “Drunk Elephant was looking for a unique and innovative airless package that would match and be cohesive with the rest of their brand and also separate itself from competition on the shelves.”

PPC used an airless pen from dispenser company Aptar. “The package offers an intuitive-gesture, one-touch dispensing feature,” Vilencia said. “The exact dosing and dispensing features ensure that only the desired amount of high-end serum is used, and none is left to waste.”
PPC decorated the package with custom graphics to match the existing product line, which uses a variety of packaging formats with a blocky, square-shaped design. The original packaging features a simple, white background with black font and a line drawing of an elephant. The original bottles have square caps in bright colors like orange and magenta. The new serum’s polypropylene base is cylindrical with square edges, and the cap is light blue.

The unique packaging design won a Gold in the Personal Care/Beauty category in the National Association of Container Distributors 2015 Package of the Year Awards.


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