Akorn Consumer Health has introduced a functional packaging redesign for its line of TheraTears eye care products. The new design has been applied to a total of 20 eye drop SKUs and includes lubricating and preservative-free varieties, as well as products for nighttime use and contact lens wearers.

The company appointed Little Big Brands to create stylish and functional packaging. The White Plains, New York-based branding agency set out to change the brand’s image from ‘medicinal and sterile’ to one that appeals to consumers on an emotional level, according to LBB partner Pamela Long.

Long said the redesign needed to be eye-catching, simple and meaningful. LBB designed a more vibrant new color palette and bull’s-eye graphic to grab consumer attention. It also reduced the amount of copy on the front of the packaging and moved functional information to other panels. Finally, it gave the packaging more emotional imagery to connect to consumers and better communicate the benefits of the products.

Akorn Vice President and General Manager Scott Chapman said:

“We were fortunate to have a brand design partner that worked with us through the process to capitalize on the brands strengths and help move us away from elements that were no longer working for us. Using qualitative and quantitative research to help inform this work and provide confidence to make a bold new change was critical to the process. This is a really exciting time for us when we are sharing our new look with the world and starting to see it on store shelves. Thus far, we’ve been very encouraged by the positive feedback from retailers, consumers and eye doctors.”

h/t: http://www.packagingdigest.com/packaging-design/theratears-redesigned-packaging-is-eye-pleasing1509

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