Editorial Mission

The editorial mission of ChiefPackagingOfficer.com is to:

  • Turn the spotlight on packaging as a strategic function that has multiple touchpoints throughout the 21st century enterprise, a function tied to innovation and ROI, and deserving of a seat at the management table.
  • Advocates for the creation of a new c-level role to lead the entire, complex packaging process – the Chief Packaging Officer.
  • Create greater awareness of the important contributions of dedicated packaging professionals to business success.

The key editorial elements of ChiefPackagingOfficer.com:

  • Provide information/news to the packaging community
  • Share ideas and experience that can help colleagues improve packaging delivery
  • Spark conversations about the increasing importance of packaging to meeting business objectives and the evolving roles of packaging professionals within the enterprise

While our aim is to encourage frank, open and honest discourse, we are committed to fostering a positive environment built on respect and civility.

The ChiefPackagingOfficer.com Editorial Board, Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor and Community Manager lead the editorial mission. They:

  • Seek out and curate packaging industry news that fits the editorial mission. News items cover a number of vertical markets and categories.
  • Reach out to noted experts in packaging for exclusive articles and commentary.
  • Create guidelines for packaging professionals to voluntarily submit content for posting on ChiefPackagingOfficer.com.
  • Review voluntary content submissions to assure that they meet submission and editorial guidelines.