Given the packaging industry’s growing emphasis on sustainability, edible packaging is a logical progression. The market has already seen the introduction of Stonyfield Farms’ frozen yogurt pearls, and other indicators suggest that the rise of edible containers are more a trend than a gimmick.

New York-based Loliware has developed a line of edible cups made from agar—a vegetarian substitute for gelatin.

“Our solution is to eat the cup, because they’re fun and they taste great, or [you can] just compost them. Either way, you’re contributing to the solution, instead of the plastic problem,” said Chelsea Briganti, co-founder of Loliware.

As these safe-to-consume materials continue to enter the market, the potential for widespread acceptance of sustainable and edible packaging is there. However, it may require some consumer education to position edible packaging as hygienic and appealing.


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