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Engro Foods, a Pakistani producer of dairy products, frozen desserts, and fruit drinks, has become the first company to use the Air Aseptic Clear stand-up pouch developed by Ecolean for its Y Frooter juice brand, targeted to kids. Engro had previously used Ecolean’s opaque air aseptic pouch for single serve milk products that require a carbon black light barrier and calcium carbonate components. These elements were eliminated to create the Air Aseptic Clear pouch – a first from Ecolean. Similar to the opaque model, however, the clear pouch retains an EVOH gas barrier layer, which allows for a six-month unrefrigerated shelf life. 

“The Ecolean format is an easy-to-use pack that gives children the option to play with the pack while sipping the fruit drink. They can squeeze the pack and see the juice moving. The telescoping straw attached with the packaging makes the entire experience more exciting and entertaining. The packaging has been received very enthusiastically by kids—its intended audience—because it’s very different and fun. Also, the packaging design is in vibrant colors,” Engro brand manager Hammad Kazi told Pakistan’s leading advertising, marketing, and media magazine “Aurora”.


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