Gelcomm has created new eco-friendly packaging for TELUS, a Canadian national telecommunications company. The Los Angeles design agency needed to create a sustainable, simple and small packaging design for the company’s prepaid smartphones.

According to Gelcomm, it wanted to create a package with impact. It designed the phone packaging to be more inviting and friendlier to the user, as well as to connect to a younger and “credit challenged” demographic.

TELUS requested packaging that would complement the existing brand and keep costs within reason. Gelcomm created packaging with minimal cardboard coating, and without plastic trays, foam packaging and unrecyclable varnished parts. It also avoided vegetable inks and non-toxic glue.

Gelcomm used Earth Board paper, which—according to the company—is cost-efficient, recyclable and provides high-quality print. The phone sits in a sugar cane pulp tray, chosen for its smoother texture, cream color and high absorbability. Gelcomm created compartments for the collateral, power adapters and SIM card. They also arranged the products in columns to create a bigger “visual footprint” for the brand. According to the company, the new design is deeper, but also thinner and smaller.


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