Amazon’s new Dash buttons allow consumers to buy specific grocery store items from home with a simple press. The front of a Dash features the logo and brand identity of a product and a button, which the user can press to send an order to Amazon. Its adhesive backing allows the Dash to stick onto convenient surfaces, such as the washing machine for the Tide button. It also comes with a removable black ring for suspending a Dash from a hook or key chain.

For $5, Amazon Prime members can order the small, Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Eighteen brands—including Gatorade, Gillete, Huggies and Kraft Mac & Cheese—have partnered with Amazon to get their own Dash buttons.

According to Amazon, the Dash buttons and all of its proprietary hardware come in eco-friendly packaging.

If the concept takes off, it could lessen the importance of packaging on the buying process. The Dash encourages e-commerce for groceries—products that consumers typically still buy in physical stores. The invention may mean less priority given to shelf impact of a package or point-of-purchase display.


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