Tri-Star Packaging has developed a new eco-friendly food packaging bowl for hot and cold street meals.

The UK-based company said the Oval Eco Street bowl is made from a sustainable and compostable unbleached bagasse. Tri-Star gave the bowl an oval shape to make it easier to hold.

The company recommends the bowl for on-the-go foods such as pasta, burritos and salads. The Oval Eco Street Bowl comes in 620-mililiter and 770-mililiter sizes. According to Tri-Star, the container is freezer-safe, oil-resistant, microwaveable and oven-safe.

The bowl features an optional ultra-clear rPET lid made from recycled and recyclable materials, the company said. The lid—which can be embossed with a logo—clips securely to the packaging to preserve its contents and prevent leakages, Tri-Star said.

Managing Director Kevin Curran said:

“Our new Oval Eco Street Bowl addresses the simple ergonomics of eating. It fits comfortably and feels more secure, enhancing the all-round eating experience for the customer and adds a real point of difference for food-to-go businesses.”

Tri-Star unveiled its Eco Street line of eco-friendly food packaging earlier this year, along with ‘Taste,’ a line of kraft brown take-out packaging.


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