Ballwin, Missouri-based Anchor Packaging, Inc. has announced new additions to its eco-friendly food packaging line, Culinary Squares™ bases and lids.

The additions feature 9 x 9-inch bases and clear lids. According to Anchor, the vented lids are made of clear polypropylene with Clear Guard™ anti-fog technology. In addition to its single and three-compartment lids, Anchor is releasing a new lid variant with a deeper dome. The matching 8.5-inch square, black polypropylene bases are available in single and three-compartment designs. All three lids can fit onto both bases, and Anchor said it designed the lids to fit securely and prevent leaks.

According to Anchor, the Culinary Squares products offer the same amount of space as a standard 9 x 9-inch foam clamshell. Anchor said the packages withstand temperatures up to 230°F, giving them another edge over foam packaging.

Like other lines of its eco-friendly food packaging, Culinary Squares are made with a mineral additive, which Anchor said reduces the use of petroleum-based resin by 40 percent. The packages can go in the dishwasher, encouraging consumers to reuse them, Anchor added. According to Anchor, the Culinary Squares are also recyclable curbside.


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