Seattle-based Bartell Drugs partnered with Hornall Anderson, also in Seattle, to design its private label brand packaging. The brand—Emerald & Spruce—began with just an ice cream line, but the design had to be flexible enough to maintain equity across brand extensions, as diverse as vitamin supplements and dog treats.

Emerald & Spruce takes its name from the landscape and spirit of the brand’s origins, the Pacific Northwest. The logo—an abstract tree ring—also draws inspiration from nature. The packages feature a colorful patchwork pattern designed to create brand recognition and attract consumers.

According to Hornall Anderson, the Emerald & Spruce ice cream flavor names offer “a touch of whimsy and fun, drawing upon much-loved locations around the Greater Seattle area.” Each flavor’s unique color palette is predominantly featured in the patchwork design, which stands out against the packaging’s white background. For example, the “Montlake Mint Cookie” pint sports a green and brown quilt pattern below its customized tagline, “So minty fresh you’ll say ‘ahhh.’”


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