Digital transformation is the most impactful way to accelerate business activities, processes, and competencies to deliver results in this new landscape, and with the rise of digital technologies, companies should continually look for ways to move their products quickly through the value chain.

Digitizing the packaging process requires enterprises to reconsider their label and artwork management processes and technologies to dramatically affect performance and proliferation of data throughout the packaging process.

By digitally improving the packaging process with key technologies, companies can use the information to unlock new opportunities such as:

  • Improving product packaging responsiveness, consistency, and quality.
  • Driving a more elevated consumer experience
  • Measuring critical KPIs and ROI.

My new e-book, “5 Steps to A Successful Packaging Digital Transformation” discusses why packaging transformations fail and five keys to successful digital transformation. Using the information provided in the e-book, readers can become change agents, improve the current state of their packaging process and understand the steps required to make the change a success.

For example, we cover common change management challenges Esko packaging and artwork management technology implementation and consulting teams observe including:

  • Lack of commitment (from management, business functions, etc.)
  • Lack of insight and knowledge
  • Lack of experience to drive change

However, following the five steps I’ve outlined should help countermeasure the common reason why digital transformations fail.

  • Define Your Packaging Digital Strategy and Build a Business Case
  • Embrace the Change
  • Organize Your Assets, Data, and Teams
  • Leverage Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Realize the Transformation is Ongoing

I highly encourage you to download the e-book to gather more in-depth insights surrounding the steps and get more actionable next steps to drive digital transformation in your brand packaging process.

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Many thanks to my colleagues on Esko’s consulting team and our implementation teams for their insights and feedback on this highly-interesting and relevant topic. We hope that you find the information valuable to your business. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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