In an effort to reduce waste and increase recyclable packaging options in the marketplace, Dow Chemical Company has developed a new, polyethylene-based barrier packaging product. An addition to its RecycleReady™ Technology, which allows for grocery store drop-off recycling, this recyclable flexible plastic packaging was created in conjunction with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC).

Featuring RETAIN™ polymer modifiers, the crucial component to the recyclability of their packaging, this new stand-up pouch design is a first of it’s kind, offering barrier film that is able to be recycled within a polyethylene recycling stream. How? The RETAIN™ compatibilizer, delivers a recyclable solution that has enhanced barrier characteristics when combined with other polyethylene resins. This is a significant advancement, considering that up until now, flexible barrier packaging has typically been manufactured using several different materials, making recycling particularly difficult.

Says Sustainable Packaging Coalition project manager Kelly Cramer “This technology is a breakthrough in packaging design for recyclability. It possesses the properties of a multi-layer pouch, but behaves like a pure polyethylene bag in the recycling stream. We are very excited.”

This is just the latest in what’s shaping up to be a successful collaboration between Dow, SPC and Accredo Packaging that began in 2015 when they produced the first recyclable Dishwasher pods packaging for Seventh Generation brand. This initiative, inspired by customer feedback demanding recyclable products, shows promise in offering new options for retailers and brand owners who want to offer consumers more recycling offers in the future.




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