Following the success of Coca-Cola’s personalized Share-A-Coke campaign, Package Design Magazine explores the up-and-coming realm of large-scale digital printing. Midwestern Fab Ferments discusses how it has been able to utilize similar technology to its benefit, attributing digital printing to its ability to print labeling for seasonal products while highlighting its artisan aesthetic.

“We’re also able to experiment with unique packaging and make changes to it in the future,”

Fab Ferments co-owner Jennifer De Marco told Package Design.

“Without having to pay extra money for packaging changes, this allows us to capture our target market without breaking the bank!”

Within the liquor industry, digital printing is becoming more and more popular.

“Digital printing seems to really be the only way to get your name out there in liquor stores now,” Kristen Kozik, owner of Copper Kettle Brewing Company, told Package Design.

Given digital’s allowance for tweaks to the labeling process, its rise to prominence in a dynamic industry that often features special edition packaging is a smart move.

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