With the advent of digital label printing, the Coca Cola company has tapped into the many possibilities of personalization as a selling point. With its “Share a Coke” campaign having been met with enormous success, Coca Cola Israel has now launched the “Extraordinary Collection”.
The idea behind the Extraordinary Collection campaign is that each bottle of Diet Coke should be as unique as its consumer. A new advertisement claims “millions of one-of-a-kind bottles.” The innovation is based on an algorithm that “gave the [digital] printers the ability to think like a designer.”
In addition to the new packaging, Coca Cola’s “Extraordinary Collection” launch was supplemented by hundreds of uniquely-designed billboards. At point of sale, the bottles were sold with branded gifts printed with designs that matched their bottles.
The results were a 2.1% increase in sales, 3% increase in brand preference, and 2% increase in purchase intent.

h/t: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/diet-coke-prints-2-million-unique-labels-latest-stroke-packaging-genius-161042

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