Let’s talk about dairy.

Cheese, butter, and milk are but a few of the ubiquitous dairy products in today’s world. Have you ever wondered why dairy products are packaged the way they are? A lot of thought goes into the production, processing, and packaging of dairy.

In fact, the dairy industry is continually evolving. The way dairy products are packaged and placed on the store shelf is an art form. In this article, we’ll explore the nuances of the dairy industry and the significant role packaging plays in it.

Winning in the Dairy Industry – What Brands and Package Designers Need to Know

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to packaging dairy products. First and foremost, is the safety of the product. Obviously, recalls and lawsuits are to be avoided. However, there is still room for creativity and style. Dare we say, even pizazz?

There are many different types of packaging materials.

Once the material is selected, designers turn their attention to aesthetics. The overall presentation of packaging is important to consumers.

Packaging that is pleasing draws consumers in, making them more likely to complete a purchase. Safety and presentation are actually two of the most important considerations for consumers (Dairy Foods).

Presentation goes beyond aesthetics. Packaging beauty is more than material deep. The way a package looks says a lot about your brand.

Is your brand honest, sustainable, ethical?

These messages need to be clearly conveyed through your packaging.

Brands must differentiate their packaging from the competition

It’s no longer enough to label the product organic, fresh, all natural, eco-friendly, etc. Rather, it must be exemplified via sustainable packaging, an ingredients list with traceable origins, etc.

According to Dairy Foods, while consumers care about sustainability, they expect the brands and the end sellers to have researched this for them and stock the shelves with foods and packages meeting their expectations.

The bottom line is packaging should be consumer-centric. It should address their needs and desires while giving them an at-a-glance gander of a brand’s personality and values. This may seem burdensome, but it’s doable.

Collaboration, innovation, and technology are the key ingredients to making this happen.

Digitizing the Dairy Packaging Process

Technology is imperative to successful dairy packaging design. By utilizing the right digital solutions, brands meet consumers where they shop – which is online, in store, and via subscription.

Digital solutions also improve collaboration with suppliers, a critical task to ensure your packaging is completed when you want it and how you want it.

A strong relationship with those in your supply chain enhances the likelihood of getting to market faster. Incorporating advances in the package design process helps brands accommodate consumers’ changing lifestyles, demands, and desires.

With design playing an important role in the packaging process, brands need a workflow management solution with 3D capabilities to automate their processes. WebCenter by Esko | Brand Solutions guides companies through the entire process, from content creation to product distribution.

For example, take Norseland – a cheese company that manages about 450 SKUs – who digitized their packaging labeling and artwork approval process and saved up to £35k in just four months by avoiding print errors and product recalls.

Dairy brands and package designers must manage a delicate balance among sustainability, quality, efficiency, agility, and flexibility (Dairy Foods). Performing, quality, and sales are inextricably linked.

Brands stand out by showcasing their authenticity and producing aesthetic packaging designs. Putting the consumer first is paramount. Utilizing the best digital tools not only enhances performance but sets brands up for success in 2021 and beyond.

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