Apple Inc. is launching new custom retail packaging for its products’ third-party accessories. Co-designed by the tech company, the new accessory packaging will feature simple labels, photography and white backgrounds to match Apple’s existing product packaging. The redesigned packaging will reportedly include cleaner fonts, higher quality materials and consistent compatibility labeling.

Apple hopes the new packaging will help create a more cohesive in-store shopping experience. Before the redesign, the accessories section overwhelmed many Apple Store shoppers, even those who knew what they wanted, the company said.

As Apple works with more accessory makers, it plans to reduce inventory for products that do not match the revamped look in favor of higher quality, uniform options.

Companies participating in the repackaging program include iPhone battery-case maker Mophie, phone- and notebook-case maker Incase and waterproof iPhone-case maker LifeProof.

Layout changes can already be seen in the new Upper East Side Apple Store in New York City, where iPhone cases are displayed on individual pegs so customers can get a closer look at the products. Examples of the touchable cases are mounted on the front of pull-out drawers that contain the merchandise for sale.


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