Recently, there seems to be a subscription box business for every niche, interests ranging from snacks to kitchen tools to beauty products. Some are created by product manufacturers and some are curated. Moustache Coffee Club offers its subscribers a personalized coffee box each month. The company recently revamped its custom packaging design, switching from a hand-stamped kraft bag to a re-sealable standup pouch.

The new coffee pouch features a monolayer film structure provided by a proprietary supplier. Designer Laura Shim used a custom font to design the Moustache logo, which appears under the pouch’s degassing valve. Simple coffee-related icons—coffee cups, pourers, grinders and so forth—decorate the front of the pouch, along with a moustache icon to reflect the brand name. Founder Sean Reilly said the company chose the referential graphics to appeal to craft coffee enthusiasts.

Reilly explained the company’s name:

“We became Moustache Coffee Club simply because we noticed a strong correlation between excellent third-wave coffee and the excellent moustaches that the baristas so frequently have in cafes that serve the kind of coffee we’re interested in. To be honest, the name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to this, we aren’t hardcore moustache aficionados, we are hardcore about coffee though.”


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