Sileni Estates winery and French wine bottler Paul Sapin have created a custom packaging design for Sileni Nano, a new single-serve wine product.

The product capitalizes on the recent mini wine bottle trend and the popularity of New Zealand wine in the U.S. According to the winery, its Sauvignon Blanc does particularly well stateside.

The 187-milliliter PET bottle mimics the shape of a regular-sized wine bottle. It comes with a clip-on cup for convenience and novelty. Its re-sealable, screw-off cap is made from polypropylene and polyethylene, making it recyclable. The bottle’s label features colorful graphics targeted at Millennials.

“We wanted a shape that consumers would immediately recognize as wine,” Sileni Estates USA CEO Nigel Avery said. “So we mainly just made a change to allow the cup to clip onto it. A picture tells a thousand words, and an object even more, so people can pick up the bottle and say, ‘Yeah, it’s got a cup on it as well, isn’t that cool.’”

According to Avery, the package needed to be attractive, resilient and able to preserve the wine. The resulting bottle contains light-absorbing properties and an oxygen scavenger that extends the wine’s shelf life up to 12 months. Avery explained that the scavenger does not activate until it comes into contact with moisture, so empty bottles can be stored for a while without fear of the scavenger activating.

The Sileni Nano is similar to the portable wine product ZIPZ. This single-serve wine product is also recyclable and features a screw-on top. The creators of these mini-wine bottles see convenience as one of the main benefits of their packages. Their on-the-go designs facilitate drinking in places where glass and full-size bottles would not be convenient or allowed.


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