Sesame Gifts is a newly launched service that curates and sends personalized gift sets in a custom packaging design. The San-Francisco-based company said that it hand-packs all of its artisanal products in order to create a memorable unboxing experience. The specialized gift sets cater to a variety of people—foodies, travelers, golfers, babies and even sriracha sauce lovers.

Designer Jaclyn Lee wanted the packages to be eye-pleasing. Each gift set comes packaged in a brown kraft box. The box includes an ‘enjoyment guide’ that details imagery and information about each item. Vellum conceals the gifts and adds to the surprise. Sesame Gifts slips a personalized message card into the package’s sleeve. A bright blue sticker wraps around the box, sealing it and adding a pop of color to the packaging’s neutral background.

Lee designed the packaging to be suitable for a wide variety of gift sets. She picked the white text and blue sticker to give the packaging a clean and simple look. Gift sets like those from Sesame and subscriptions boxes like those from the Moustache Coffee Club are two examples of curation services that recognize the importance of a memorable custom packaging design. Appealing packaging is the first thing the recipient sees when the product arrives at the door.


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