Global Life Technologies Corp. (GLT) required packaging that would provide product protection along with portability and ease of use for its Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® Antiseptic, for which it has registered the tagline, “Think hand sanitizer for your nose.” The company engaged James Alexander Corp (JAC), known for its single-use glass ampule packaging, to create custom healthcare packaging for Nozin®.

The Nozin® product presented JAC with several packaging challenges. First, JAC needed to validate the two separate mixings that comprised the product’s formula. It also had to create a custom pumping system to fill each ampule with the exact ratio of each solution and then design a custom applicator for the product.

The final product is a hermetically sealed glass ampule designed with high levels of protection, extended shelf life and tamper evidence, according to JAC. The package includes a proprietary Nozin® Popswab® applicator. The applicator’s padded tip is designed to be gentle on the nostril and intuitive to use. “Finding the right platform to deliver this Nozin® product is a key factor in its initial success,” said John Willimann, President and Chief Science Officer for GLT.


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