The new “Recloseable Easy-Open End” (REOE) design from HeatGenie allows metal food and beverage containers be easily closed and reopened.

When applied to a beverage can, this creative packaging uses a frangible score line around the aperture panel as opposed to a conventional pull-tab closure. The can is opened with a sliding mechanism as the metal tab tracks along a shallow retaining channel in the lid when pushed. Unlike conventional pull-tabs, the REOE eliminates the potential inconvenience of sharp edges and loose parts.

Rosemary Whaling, vice president of business development at HeatGenie, told Packaging Digest that the company’s first step in marketing the product is to develop a standard 12-ounce end that can be used for soda and beer cans. Whaling also noted that the REOE is intended to run on existing production machinery associated with such products.

“The technology is designed to be seamless for food and beverage packaging companies,” she added.

HeatGenie has not begun producing REOE beverage cans at the commercial level yet but is currently in discussion with a can manufacturer to do so in the future.


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