Chicago-based ORS has released creative packaging for its new hair conditioning product. The Shealicious™ Hair Conditioning Cocktail addresses the current D.I.Y. concocting trend, popularized by YouTube beauty gurus.

The product’s yogurt-like packaging consists of two chambers that separate the two ingredients until time of use. The smaller chamber folds up to transfer the therapeutic oil to the larger chamber of shea butter. ORS said that mixing ingredients at the time of use results in better conditioning—hair with more shine, moisture and softness.

Shawn K. Tollerson, Chief Marketing Officer for Namaste Laboratories, maker of ORS products, said:

“We are so excited to be on the forefront of the do-it-yourself cocktailing movement. Our new Shealicious brand provides the benefits of cocktailing with an option that is less time-consuming and more cost effective for our consumers. You can get a powerful, conditioning mix in a cup that’s easy to use and is perfectly blended to address common hair problems, like excessive dryness, dull hair and scalp issues; plus it’s just fun!”

The Shealicious cocktails come in three varieties to tackle specific hair issues: Moisture Lock, Scalp Relief and Shine Booster.


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