For some people—especially children and senior citizens—eye drops can be exceedingly difficult to use. In order to rectify the problem, the healthcare packaging company Gerresheimer launched a drop bottle redesign called DropAid.

DropAid’s creative packaging concept is twofold: it makes it easier to both open the bottle and  position the dropper correctly above the eye. The most significant design element is a circular aperture that fits around the eye to help open it with very little pressure.

Niels Düring, Global Senior Vice President Plastic Packaging at Gerresheimer, said:

“We put ourselves in the shoes of the person who has to use the eye drops and considered how we could make it easier to use. That’s how we came up with this small, but extremely useful DropAid that we’d like to recommend to all our customers who manufacture eye drops. It will also help them to ensure better compliance in the medications.”


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