German-based Getränke GmbH & Co. has made a creative packaging design for U-Boot. The package features a small bottle of spirits inside a larger bottle of soft drink, allowing the consumer to mix the cocktail by opening the packaging.

When the consumer opens the packaging’s screw cap, the inner bottle is released and drops into the larger bottle, creating the cocktail as the shot sinks.

The bottles’ neck finishes are key to the package’s ready-to-mix design. The larger bottle’s threaded neck finish accommodates the screw cap, and the smaller bottle is molded with a snap-on neck finish.

The smaller bottle has wings molded onto its neck, holding it within the larger bottle’s neck. Screwing the cap uncouples the small bottle’s neck finish from the larger bottle. After the shot is released, its neck wings expand, preventing the shot container from falling out of the larger bottle.

Getränke worked with Austria-based Greiner Packaging to develop the package.

The U-Boot cocktails come in four flavors—Lemonade Glacier Water, Energy Cordial, Orangeade Vodka and Energy Vodka. Each flavor has its own color, which appears on the bottle’s label and cap.


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