Ready Pac Foods Inc. has designed creative packaging for its elevĀte salad brand. The primary packaging consists of a clear plastic bowl, flexible lid and paperboard sleeve. The colorful sleeve highlights the salad’s health benefits and ingredients—including chia seeds, walnuts, kale, blueberries and almonds. The package also includes a fork for convenient on-the-go eating.

According to Chief Marketing Officer Tristan Simpson, a Ready Pac research study showed that the full sleeve helped convey the brand’s story and healthy, clean ingredients. The study also indicated that consumers like to be able to move the sleeve to inspect the product. Ready Pac designed the sleeve so that consumers could slide it off and back on the bowl before purchase.

Retailers have told Ready Pac that the creative packaging has attracted more customers to produce, according to Simpson. They also reported that the packaging brought in more Millennials, attracted by the “quirky iconography,” health benefits and sustainability messaging on the sleeve.

When asked why the logo is spelled as elevĀte, Simpson said, “We intentionally drew attention to the “A” in elevĀte by making it a fresh and vibrant shade of green as well as by emphasizing the phonetical sound of the letter A. It plays into one of our favorite questions: ‘What did you eat?’ …‘I Ate a blu-rugula elevĀte salad!’”


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