Romance novels inspired the creative packaging for Anthropologie’s new fragrance collection. The Fictions line’s book-shaped packaging commits to a strong storytelling metaphor. Tru Fragrance & Beauty LLC headed the project’s creative direction and product development.

The exclusive fragrance collection debuts in August with three scents—Paris: She Met Him in Secret, London: She Knew He Was Forever and L.A.: She Called But He Was Unreachable. Each perfume bottle features the graphic of a memento corresponding to its respective story—a metro ticket, a tea tag and a movie ticket stub. The packaging also includes bookmarks that explain the stories behind the scents, as well as the backgrounds of Fictions’ illustrators and perfumers.

Paris: She Met Him in Secret, created by perfumer Alexandra Monet and illustrated by Casey Shagena, tells the story of unauthorized love. London: She Knew He Was Forever, featuring perfumer Gino Percontino and illustrator Jon Contino, conveys a story of unconditional love. Finally, L.A.: She Called But He Was Unreachable expresses the feeling of unrequited love through a fragrance by Josh Meyer and a watercolor illustration by Marcel George.


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