Tampa, Fla.-based Coppertail Brewing Co.’s packaging and labeling were inspired by a child’s imagination. According to founder Kent Bailey, he came up with the brand name after his daughter told him that a sea monster named Coppertail lived in Tampa Bay.

Bailey engaged marketing and advertising agency SPARK, also in Tampa, to design a beer brand based on the story of Coppertail. SPARK illustrated customized labels for each brew in the line. Each illustration was connected to the sea in some way.

The labels’ dark browns and tans were employed to evoke an ominous and mysterious feeling to match the sea monster theme. The logo—a “C” formed from the tail of the monster—rests on curved lines, which represent ocean waves. According to SPARK, the labels tell a rich story while still leaving enough room for consumers to use their imagination.

SPARK said:

“The ensuing Coppertail brand celebrates the playful and fantastical with an imaginative approach. It champions the freedom to dream up wild and whimsical ideas, embracing tradition while understanding the irony of blending timeless qualities with contemporary experiences. From these understandings came Coppertail’s three core values of Imaginative, Timeless and Ironic.”

h/t: http://www.thedieline.com/blog/2015/5/5/coppertail-brewing-co

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